Great discounts for early season. Book now for 400 USD less!!!

Botik Resort Mentawais is offering one of the greatest discounts for the first 3 trips of the season. A full 400 USD off the regular price to get the early solid swells… Don’t miss this opportunity! Great season ahead!.

  • 23rd March to 3rd April
  • 3rd April to 14th April
  • 14th April to 25th April

We will see you here…

Gigantic North West 17 meter Swell approaching Portugal, Spain and France for Christmas

A very massive new North West Swell is approaching the european Atlantic coastline. Countries like Ireland, Portugal, France and Spain will be hit very hard  starting December 26th, by one of the biggest swells recored in a very long time. Expecting 17 meters out in the buoys then 30 meter + faces on outer reefs and point breaks all along the coast. Get ready for some gigantic surf out there…

A GREAT DAY FOR SURFING HISTORY LIFE FROM BANZAI PIPELINE, HAWAII. Finals today at 9.00 am local time Mick fanning starts up the fire!


Pipeline final day has arrived and the 2013 championship is still a battle between Fanning and Slater. Fanning has to beat CJ on 5th round and then Quarter Finals to be world champion. Kelly has a more difficult day ahead, he has to win the PIPELINE MASTERS 2013 and hope that Fanning does not make it past QF. An incredible day with 10 feet plus new swell rolling in and slight off shore winds. Could be one of the best finals of all times!