Perfect world-class waves and other real fun ones are as close as 5 to 15 minutes by speedboat.

  • The waves in the Mentawai archipelago are some of the most consistent on the planet thanks to our location within the Indian Ocean.
  • There are more than 15 accessible waves to our resort.
  • They range in diversity from small and easy to big and gnarly.
  • The waves range from world-class lefts and rights such as Kandui and Rifles to mellower and great fun breaks like 4 Bobs, pitstops or Beng Bengs for surfers of all levels.
  • Depending on winds, tides and swell directions we cruise on our speedboats looking for the best conditions.
  • The proximity of our resort to all these breaks and the short distance in between them make it possible for us to explore several breaks in very little time.
  • All spots are reef bottom breaks.



Travelling thousands of miles, these swells arrive to us very consistently due to our position. In the early moths of the season (March and April), these swells are smaller but very consistent and they start getting stronger as we approach May. The same happens in October and November. Swells get smaller as we hit end of October, and beginning of November. Anytime from April to October you can expect very strong swells from South Africa and Antarctica, creating clean waves on our reefs.

If you are looking for calm periods and easy crowds,  we recommend you book with us in March, April, October or November, even though in our peak season (May to September) there is also plenty of options for smaller and easier waves. Remember that even in these periods you can expect also to have bigger and powerful ocean swells.

If you are looking for powerful waves over 6 feet, then you are on to book anytime from April to September, but even in these months there are smaller days and in the bigger days, there are still plenty of spots to surf smaller and mellower waves inside our bays.

No matter when you book, you will find no other place in the world with the consistency of our area. We have waves everyday from March until November from shoulder high to 12 feet, it is a matter of finding the best spots for the conditions, and that is our job.